Photo of Sifu Freddy Fung & Grandmaster Ip Ching              Photo of Sifu Freddy Fung & Grandmaster Ip Chun

Author : Sifu Freddy Fung

        Grandmaster Ip Man actively promoted the art of “Wing Chun” in Hong Kong after arriving from Foshan, Mainland China.

        As it is my great luck to learn “Wing Chun” from Ip Chun & Ip Ching, the sons of the great Grandmaster Ip Man.   I find the honor of being Grandmaster Ip Chun ’s  & Grandmaster Ip Ching’s close disciple and receiving all the secrets of “Wing Chun” brings the responsibility of honoring Grandmasters wish to further develop “Wing Chun”.

        Because of this responsibility I have opened several “Wing Chun” classes in Hong Kong.   These locations include Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories.   Many of my students that began learning in these classes are now “Wing Chun” instructors and have spread the seed of “Wing Chun” throughout the world.


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