Ving Tsun Jo Fen

Rule One  :  Discipline Yourself to The Rules ; Keep Sacred the Martial Morality.
Rule Two  :  Understand Propriety and Righteousness ; Love Your Country and Respect Your Parents.
Rule Three  :  Love Your Classmates ; Enjoy Working Together As a Group.
Rule Four  :  Control Your Desire ; Stay Healthy.
Rule Five  :  Work Hard and Keep Practicing ; Never let the Skill leave Your Body.
Rule Six  :  Learn How to Keep The Energy ; Quit Inciting a Fighting Attitude.
Rule Seven  :  Always Deal with World Matters with a Kind Attitude That Is Calm and Gentle.
Rule Eight  :  Help the Elderly and the Children ; Use the Martial Mind to Achieve "Yan".
Rule Nine  :  Follow the Former Eight Rules ; Hold to The Ancestors' Rules Sincerely.

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