Ip Man Tong - Ip Ching

Fu Shan Ip Man Tong was opened in November 2002. The opening ceremony was more hilarious and successful than expected. I would like to say my heartfelt thank you to the Fushan Cultural Council and the Museum. Furthermore, the two days' programme was well arranged and run very smoothly.

I hope that all the followers of and those interested in Ving Tsun will have a better understanding of the History and the theories of Ving Tsun through Ip Man Tong and thus recognize the importance of Ving Tsun in Chinese KungFu.

Lastly, in order to make Ip Man Tong a place of gathering for followers and those who would like to the trace the origin of Ving Tsun, I hope that all the followers of Ving Tsun will further promote Ip Man Tong and introduce the achievements of Ip Man to the outside world. It is significant to have good connection with Ip Man Tong, and enrich it with all the information and insights in relation to its development, making the place a resourceful cradle to the visitors.